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SHIRTS: “the love diet” Favorite and hit the SHARE button (Facebook/twitter it!) music by LDUK MUSIC: _____________________________________________________ A meal plan of mine when I wanna have a little FUN :) The macronutrients matter most. If you doubt what I’m eating then I must be fat! Let it be proof that … well… a lot of people don’t know much about diet. LOL. I’m learning more and more every day thanks to my coaches: . What I CAN tell you is that macronutrient precision is the GREATEST THING I’VE EVER LEARNED DONE. I wouldn’t look the way I do if I didn’t WEIGH my food out like you see here in the video. I’ve ALSO discovered that the TYPE of food (good vs bad, “dieting food” vs. “non-dieting food” is pretty insignificant (within reason) compared to the actual macros. Period. end of story! yeee! My macros: (Fat/carb/pro) is 50/300/225 The LOVE DIET = 2615 calories – 54.6/304.7/229.2 Current cardio done THROUGHOUT THE WEEK (we just changed it starting june 27): 3 sessions of slow-medium cardio, 400 calories burned in each 2 sessions of HIIT treadmill sprints (10 rounds, 15seconds on 45 off) _____________________________________________________ Meal 1: LOVECAAAAKES + eggs: (Fat/carb/pro) 80g fat free bisquick pancake mix (285 cals – 5/54/6) 1 (organic) whole egg (72cals – 5/0.4/6.3) 110g blueberries (63cals – 0.4/15.9/0.8) 160g fat free milk / skim milk (56cals – 0.3/7.8/5.5) 230g egg whites
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In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Southern Peach Tea. This is a method for making peach tea, similar to the peach tea I ordered for brunch during our recent visit to Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant in Berea, KY. It is delicious and refreshing! Ingredients: 1 pitcher iced tea, about 8 cups (I made my tea by boiling 6 small tea bags for 3 minutes, and then pouring the brewed tea into a pitcher containing 6 cups of water.) 2 ripe peaches, peeled and cut into slices ½ cup sugar (You may us an equivalent amount of artificial sweetener.) ice cubes, as desired mint sprigs for garnish Place about 8 cups of tea in an average-sized pitcher, leaving room for the addition of some liquefied peaches. Place 2 peeled and sliced peaches into a blender and add ½ cup sugar or sugar substitute. Blend until the sweetened peaches are liquefied. Add liquefied peaches to fresh tea. Stir. Place ice cubes at the top of the pitcher. To serve, pour Southern Peach Tea into tall glasses containing ice cubes and a straw. Place a sprig of mint on top and enjoy! I hope you love this recipe! –Betty 

Great Grow Your Hair, Diet, Food, Exercise, Love and Luck Resolutions Tips

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Happy New Year Everyone! In this video I give you eight great new years resolution tips on diet, exercise, stress reduction, healthy foods, hair, and romance. I hope you enjoy this video and make some of these tips your new years change. I think youll be very happy if you do. Please subscribe because I have a lot more to come; something for everyone. Thanks so much for viewing! To purchase a YouTips4U custom-designed T-Shirt please click here: To visit me at my blogspot, please click here:
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