The Texas Pushup Challenge – Video

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Filed under Exercise How strong do you think you are? Try the Texas Pushup challenge with Mike D’Angelo and Sarah Dussault to find out! Mike D’Angelo – Sarah Dussault – http Special Thank You to Revolution Fitness for letting us film at their beautiful gym! Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- Twitter Facebook: www.facebook iTunes:

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Hot Curves Exercise Challenge!

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To follow Zuzana’s daily workouts, diet tips and exercise challenges visit her fitness blog: www.BodyRock.Tv
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The 2007 New Black Cultural Diet Weight Loss Challenge – Looking for Participants and Sponsors.

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The 2007 New Black Cultural Diet Weight Loss Challenge – Looking for Participants and Sponsors.

Greenville, NC (PRWEB) January 8, 2007

Recognizing the void in the diet, food and health fitness industries for African Americans, the New Black Cultural Diet website ( featuring special Podcast Shows was launched in 2006 to help African Americans learn, share stories, and develop new cultural strategies related to losing weight, maintaining weight loss, exercise, body image, food selections, food preparation and general good health practices. Medical Anthropologist Eric J. Bailey created this new forum so that African Americans and all those who share similar issues can have a place on the internet committed to creating a new healthier lifestyle.

In order to motivate everyone regardless of one’s socioeconomic, ethnic, or lifestyle background, the New Black Cultural Diet Team is organizing and sponsoring the 2007 New Black Cultural Diet Weight Loss Challenge. This Weight Loss Challenge is for all those who want to change their body image, food selections, food preparation, and exercise regimen. The Grand Prize Winner will become the primary spokesperson for the New Black Cultural Diet program.

This six-month Weight Loss Program (February 1, 2007 – August 1, 2007) asks registered participants to complete a written journal and/or video documentary on how they are making healthier choices in their food selections, how they are preparing foods in a healthier method, and how they are changing their exercise regimen. Once a month for 6 months, participants are asked to submit their written journal and/or video to the New Black Cultural Diet Team in order to show measureable changes in their body, food selections, food preparation and exercise regimens. The Grand Prize Winner will be determined by total weight loss, total body image change, and changes in food selections, food preparation and exercise regimen. Second and third place finishers will also be recognized with conciliation prizes.

The New Black Cultural Diet Team is also searching for sponsors associated with our 2007 Weight Loss Challenge Program. Companies interested in marketing and promoting their healthy food products and exercise fitness products are encouraged to partner with us so that the New Black Cultural Team can offer more products to participants and the Grand Prize Winner.

Requirements for participating in the 2007 New Black Cultural Diet include: 1) Completing registration form, 2) Meeting the Criteria Requirements for the Challenge, and 3) Adhering to the Measurements Evaluated form. All forms are available at the New Black Cultural Diet website.

We look forward to all those who are ready for a challenge in creating a new healthier lifestyle for themselves in 2007 and beyond!

Remember for all the Details, go to:


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Tik Tok Exercise Challenge

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To follow all of Zuzana’s home workout routines and diet tips visit her fitness blog: www.BodyRock.Tv

♡ Hope you LIKE! Comment and subscribe :) When I was loosing weight, I also kept thinking, “Every step counts, every step counts” because it really does! That helped motivate me to walk places instead of drive. Helped me workout. Helped me burn extra calories. So try that as well! Also, try to give up something that you feel is not good for you (eg. chocolate/white bread) for a certain amount of time. And ask your friend or family member to do it with you so you have support (and you can make it into a BET, and have it be something really bad if you loose it lol – that should keep you motivated!) At the end of the day, its about being HEALTHY (not skinny) whatever that weight is for you. Dont compare yourself to other people, do what is best for YOU! :) For disclaimer purposes: Before embarking on any major change in diet or exercise you must consult your local physician. These methods are the ones which work for MY body, my health and well being. But of course, they may differ from person to person. Check out my first health & diet tips video: Friend me on FACEBOOK :) Thanks for Watching! XOXO

Alpha Male Challenge – The Revolutionary Men’s Exercise, Diet & Attitude Book!

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From Rodale, publisher of Mens Health magazine and Authors James Villepigue, CSCS and Rick Collins, JD, CSCS Alpha Male Challenge Reclaim Your Edge! Pre-order your copy TODAY at: VISIT US ONLINE AT:! Coming Fall 2009!