HCG Diet Direct Releases Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Weight Loss Diet Pills

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HCG Diet Direct Releases Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Weight Loss Diet Pills

HCG Diet Direct

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) September 14, 2010

HCG Diet Direct releases Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Weight Loss Diet Pills. The era of the weight loss diet pill has been a long one. Other popular weight loss methods throughout the years include: surgical weight loss methods, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, diet and exercise, homeopathic weight loss methods, and more.

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Weight Loss Diet Pills:

1. Over the counter weight loss diet pills tend to be slightly addictive. Many have high levels of caffeine.

2. Weight loss diet pills often result in a decrease of natural energy levels.

3. Weight loss diet pills often have major side effects. This explains the high frequency of recalls related to popular weight loss diet pills.

4. Weight loss diet pill use often results in unhealthy weight loss/weight gain cycles. Maintaining weight loss is difficult.

5. Individuals who take weight loss diet pills for extended time periods may suffer frequent headaches.

Both over the counter and prescription level weight loss diet pills offer the opportunity to lose weight. But when weight loss is paired with potential harmful side effects, a low success rate of weight loss maintenance or a decreased possibility of overall health…the successful weight loss is no longer a positive element.

Dr. J. Ronald Willis of HCG Diet Direct said, “Weight loss should be achieved in a healthy manner. The HCG diet program offers the opportunity for dieters to build new, healthy, eating and cooking habits that aid successful dieters in creating a new, healthy lifestyle after the diet is completed.”

Homeopathic HCG weight loss formula is a rapid weight loss diet that can be used to achieve drastic weight loss without invasive procedures. When dieters buy HCG they follow the included protocol. HCG drops are taken three times daily and paired with a careful eating plan. There are no known HCG side effects. The results of the standard 26-30 day program can provide an average of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per day.

To get further information on HCG Diet Direct or the HCG Diet contact:

Contact: Dr. J. Ronald Willis

Company: HCG Diet Direct


Phone: 480-281-7594

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