Facts About Raw Food Diet

February 12, 2011 by admin  
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Raw food diet is a type of an organic diet that involves consumption of uncooked and unprocessed foods. Such food includes fresh fruits, legumes, seaweed, coconut milk, nuts and grains which are highly nutritional. These foods are more beneficial if kept raw since cooking may loss the important enzymes that out body needs.

Enzymes contained in our food help digestion and absorption of food. It contains essential amount of nutrients for a healthy living. If the food is cooked, heat tends to ruin the nutritional value and may become poisonous. If you eat processed and cooked food, the act will cause the food to be toxic inside our body. Uncooked food permits the detoxification of human body that helps repair health issues.

Engaging in a raw food diet can make your system combat any types of deadly diseases since raw food are trans-fats free which contains high amount of fiber, magnesium and potassium and have low sodium content.

More and more people find a raw food diet very beneficial and they adopted the habit of including it in their daily meals. The most important benefit it brings is that it offers good health which is why raw food diet continues to increase its popularity. Aside from it helps weight reduction, it also provides energy, immunity and strength. Since foods have natural flavor, there is no need for anyone to add spices in it.

Among the raw foods is the raw almond which helps reduce the cholesterol level and raw honey that’s good for sporty people’s performance. Dates and carrot juice satisfy our desire of sweets while raw bars are proven to be the best alternative to candies and even chocolates. Dairy products such as cow’s milk and cheese are also useful to maintain or have that healthy body.

Raw food diet also boosts our energy or it is known to be energy efficient. Because we don’t need to cook them, it greatly saves the environment and our money. We can save oil reserves and trees since we don’t need to pack them unlike processed food. And lastly, it saves money since we don’t need to see a doctor and buy vitamins for our diet.

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