Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Introduction to Raw Food Breakfast Recipes

February 28, 2011 by admin  
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Learn how to make healthy breakfast recipes for a raw food diet with an introduction to raw food breakfast ideas in this free cooking video on making raw food breakfast recipes. Expert: Denise Bennett Bio: Denise is a Raw food chef. She is a partner in “Light & Love Cafe,” in Sedona Arizona. She is also the owner of “Gentle Soul Cafe” in LA, CA. Filmmaker: Danniel Fishler
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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17 Responses to “Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Introduction to Raw Food Breakfast Recipes”
  1. OopYr0oO says:

    Preferably egg whites then whole eggs, egg yoks contains pesticides, cholesterol and has a lot of fat but it still has some good stuff in it but just eat a vegetable instead and you’ll be getting your vitamins and minerals.

  2. Yeah..
    Eggs are not only brain food, but a dietary food.

  3. Kokirifae says:

    Organic poached eggs not good for me? don’t make generalizations

    I do pretty well with a bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat in the morning and there’s nothing wrong with a rasher of bacon now and then

    To this I have nothing else to say, I’ll just leave my favorite quote

    ”Why do people avoid risks? So they can get safely to death?”

  4. Kokirifae says:


    yawn, unwarranted sense of self importance

  5. muttr says:

    Okay people I finally found what she put in the dehydrator after searching for 30 minutes and watching these dyslexic videos. It was hidden. I copied some of the web transcript: apples dates and cinnamon, and you could actually, throw some sunflower seeds in there. Usually I put pumpkin seeds as well, Goji berries, you know, you could put pretty much anything in here.

  6. You know what? You can have a whole 10 minuets for your videos, so why are you breaking them up into ramblings.. we’re looking for the actual steps of what the title represents.. the ‘introduction’ could be on the SAME video! It saves a lot of hasstle for us the viewers… I had a heck of a job scrambling through all the videos to find the chicken cassrole videos you have too! I will not be subscribing to this sorry.

  7. kostya92 says:

    raw food contains amino acids in form of enzymes which is better then whole PROTEIN CHAINS which are being disolved by our body to amino acids and enzymes

  8. Great video!!! Hope seeing more videos from your channel!!! PLease watch my videos also!!!!

  9. poiZnndSkY14 says:

    especially if it’s egg whites– but I’m guessing her point was that the yolks are bad? –that’s mainly b/c of the cholesterol
    otherwise, yeah, they’re pretty good for you.

  10. Eggs are AMAZING for you!

  11. if you read what i wrote instead of attempting to sound witty with your lame insult, you would see that i was simply telling you that your condescending remarks such as this and the other comment could lead to issues with others on this site. You did not have an opinion, u had an assumption about where a person received his info. You clearly are misinformed and nothing you say will anger me because you clearly do not think before you make a response. So good luck with that.

  12. mand1sh3p says:

    *I* said it pops up on yahoo. If someone elses opinion starts a problem for you you must live a hard life. Enjoy your ulcer.

  13. who said it pops up on yahoo? see it is smart ass assuming remarks like that that start problems here. He did make a good point about the coffee and eggs.

  14. mand1sh3p says:

    It is the “you should research more before you speak” that prob got the thumbs down. Just b/c it pops up on yahoo doesn’t mean its true or good for you.

  15. mand1sh3p says:

    That’s prob b/c people wised up and stopped drinking coffee and posted something so drones like u would believe it. There are natural herbs/foods that help u with energy.

  16. Pixirinin says:

    What about parma ham??? Can you eat parma ham in the raw food diet???

  17. pfrband says:

    in this life you can disagree or agree with anything. you can even change your mind.
    if you eat raw food you’ll lose wight and feel great and reduce the chances of getting sick – sounds good to me. sometimes it might help “a little” and sometimes it might help a lot.
    don’t fight with ideas – it’s endless – do what makes you feel good!