Diet Cures – Curing Diseases Through Changes in Diet, Supplements and Other Alternatives

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Diet Cures – Curing Diseases Through Changes in Diet, Supplements and Other Alternatives

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2007

The publisher of, , announces a new website dedicated to the prevention, reversal and cures of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other ailments. The new website is entitled Diet Cures and can be found at

“With,” says the publisher, “I have been dedicated to helping people obtain their optimum and healthiest weight through education, diet changes and exercise – Move More, Eat Less. In my researches, I began to learn that many people experienced reversal and even cures of various diseases when they changed their diets, took herbs and supplements and tried other alternative methods. I discovered several e-books that contained information that could lead to the prevention and cure of such illnesses as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

“I decided to create a new website, Diet Cures, that would provide visitors with reviews of these e-books and the necessary links to gather further details to determine if these e-books could help them and their loved ones.”

Native populations throughout history have discovered plants that have curative properties. The relationship between nutrition and good health has been long established since the British made sure their sailing ships carried fresh citrus fruits such as limes to prevent scurvy. And every week, our TV’s flash news stories about the latest health value of coffee or dark chocolate or red wine. There is a lot of knowledge out there detailing how improving our diet can improve our health. It should not be surprising that there are Diet Cures that can help prevent, reverse and cure diabetes and cancer and other illnesses.

“Of course,” says the publisher, “One should use the information in these e-books in conjunction with their current doctor’s medical advice.”

Good nutrition is also important for our pets. Diet Cures also contains reviews of e-books that dog owners will find useful in making healthy dog food and discover natural treatments for canine diseases.

For more information, please visit Diet Cures at Concerned about diabetes? Go to


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