Day 54 – Juide Diet Plan Update!

September 20, 2011 by admin  
Filed under Exercise

Hey all, Tim here with my 54th daily video summarizing my juice fast progress. Today I discuss my weight loss plans, my plan to transition off to regular foods, and also a new person living in our house (according to Louise). Enjoy!

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17 Responses to “Day 54 – Juide Diet Plan Update!”
  1. @mjmurphy1969 HI, I suggest you subscribe because I am coming out with an ebook shortly explaining everything I can about juice fasting. My latest video discusses this. Basically I had 3 juices per day each 16-20 oz (500-600 mls). Hope this helps and thanks for swinging by :)

  2. mjmurphy1969 says:

    How much juice did you consume at a time? How many times a day did you drink? 3,4,5 times a day. Well done so far on your journey. Planning on starting a juice fast in a couple of weeks. Gathering as much info as I can. Thanks

  3. @22justus2 Thanks so much for your kind words, I definitely agree, veggie and fruits calm the mind and soul!

  4. 22justus2 says:

    This was absolutely a great talk! Veggie diets always calm the demeanor.
    You bring out many great points. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  5. @TheSamJinLifestyle Thanks you dropping by, yes I feel that mind/body connection and inner peace, it was not there at the start but sort of crept up on me which is wonderful. I agree most people (me included) focused on the weight loss, but healing has been big as well and this feeling is of course what life is all about!

  6. @cazaders Thanks so much for your kinds words, I appreciate you dropping by. Yes I will continue to make these videos you can be assured of that!

  7. @wahopin Great to hear from you again. Always challenging having visitors, although I seem to recall you stopped your juice fast didnt you (got to the end?). Sounds like you have a good plan there (short juice fasts). At this stage I dont plan to go back to juice fasting, rather will be focusing on a raw food diet. Good on you and hope to hear from you again!

  8. @baamaapii Thanks for dropping by. Well firstly, check my day 40 video for a demonstration of my juicing my favorite juice. I go through most of what is required to get the most out of juicing in my various videos, so feel free to watch some to get the information. Also ask any questions you have, I am happy to answer them as well. I pretty well just started and winged it for the first few days and learned more as I went along.

  9. Thermogenic machine! Thanks for talking about the real and “raw” emotional aspects of your change– without a doubt there is a mind body connection and you are becoming more balanced as an individual. People underestimate the deep healing aspects of this type of regimen. Congrats!

  10. cazaders says:

    thanks Tim i just wanted to thank you for doing these vids everyday. it has helped me through my juice fast. please continue making vids during your transition. thanks again.

  11. wahopin says:

    Hi Tim, All is well here. I’ve had company for a week and they are leaving today. I will start another fast tomorrow. It will be a short one – two to three days. :-) Those short fasts are great to keep the weight off and to continue to drop pounds. Have a great day.

  12. baamaapii says:

    Do you have any resources for juice fasting that you recommend? I’ve been having a hard time finding stuff online. It’s not a very common thing to do, and I haven’t found much info.

  13. @LiveFromTheFridge just gotta do it, stay home, make it happen.. The beginning of fasting is very mental.. Once you get rolling, it’s much easier : )

  14. @LiveFromTheFridge I just decided to “go for it”. I was sick of the old me all obese and feeling, sick, tired and unfit, etc. My will to change my live was greater than the temptations I guess. Plus I focused on what I was achieving (the weight loss) each day and that helped. Additionally I told people what I was doing so that could be more understanding of me if I was cranky, etc. Consider taking a few days off work and do it over a long weekend to get a good start maybe. Good luck!

  15. @hipsociety ha ha, yes she is cheating with a new man love that :) Great to hear you are on day 5, and yes I felt restless sometimes and craved the bad stuff. I just drank a ton of water, took a bath, had a sleep, etc kept myself real busy and those feelings went away. Unfortunately I did not find a specific drink combination to stop this. I also focused on what was happening (the weight I had already lost) and that helped a lot. Hope this helps a bit.

  16. I want to juice fast…..its so hard to find the time where for those first few days i can stay away from social settings that surround cooked foods. How do you deal with those situations in your first days?

  17. hipsociety says:

    So Louise is cheating on you, with the new you…Awesome! I’m on day 5 of my juice fast and I feel restless, and often get serious cravings for meat, sugar, and bread. What activities or juice combinations did you use to curb, or even satisfy your cravings?