Bikini Abs & Tone the Inner Thighs!

July 31, 2011 by admin  
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For your printable routine, download it here!! ( At the top of the post) Follow us on twitter!! :) To visit our site – go to To sign up for the Bikini Series, visit http Facebook us!! Love you guys!!! tone it up, tone up, beach workout, bikini abs, bikini body, bikini booty, tone it up karena and katrina, karena katrina, tone it up girls. Disclaimer : The advice and information contained on this website may not be appropriate for all individuals. Tone It Up is not responsible for any injuries or health conditions that may result from advice, opinions, and programs represented on this website or any of our training programs or other products. You should consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise program. If you choose to follow the Tone It Up program without consulting your physician, you are doing so at your own risk. We claim no responsibility for any injuries you might sustain. It is your responsibility to warm up properly, determine the weight you will use, perform each movement correctly, and ultimately to decide whether or not you are capable of performing the exercise/workout without sustaining injury.

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25 Responses to “Bikini Abs & Tone the Inner Thighs!”
  1. Mscookie3131 says:

    I notice you guys use weights between 5-10 pounds. Do you guys ever lifet heavier weights in the gym, like actual heavy weight lifting?? Im asking becasuse you guys have great muscle definition with the circuit training lifting with lighter weights.

  2. livrox321 says:

    omg i just finish i did 30 min cardio and then three curcuits of this with 8 pound dumbells and i know im going to be sore tomorrow

  3. It hurts to fall off the ball :(

  4. coolicesk8r says:

    you guys have the perfect bodies!!!!!!

  5. squashduck says:

    Can you try to make workouts using the excersise ball less? I don’t have one and i dont think im the only one. I love your workouts and personalities so thank you for all your hars work!

  6. minieggies says:

    @SuperLyssie duck sauce ♥

  7. karisakills says:

    so i have this problem where ill work out and then the next day when i take a break i feel like i can eat alot. and even though i work out. im still gaining weight. (im not pregant) lol but do you know anything to help me?

  8. does the size of the ball matter?

  9. xXpopgirlXx says:

    hey whats the second song called

  10. mellopez1231 says:

    @SuperLyssie Barbra Streisand.

  11. SuperLyssie says:

    Whats the beginning of this song called? it’s catchy :D

  12. i hate to sound so rude, but how much do you ladies weigh? i’m only asking for reference.

  13. Kaylawrites says:

    i can stay on the ball until my legs give out i got bored after two minutes tho so i stopped the time haha awesome workout !!

  14. agdollfan55 says:

    How many pounds do you think the dumbells should be? Just curious(:

  15. LanaiDB21 says:

    Hey Girls! Absolutely Love all your workouts! Trying to get the link to print it out and its says Error!? Making a binder of all your printouts to keep doing it all summer! LOVE everything you guys do and all your advice! After the BIkini Challenge will you still send out daily emails!?

  16. jasminecont says:

    Ok knw i can see lol

  17. jasminecont says:

    I can see this video all i see is a black picture with you guys talking lol

  18. purplydreamz says:

    i would really love to get an exercise ball, but my room is very small and I won’t have any space for it. Are there any balls that can be inflated and deflated automatically?

  19. hi! is there any alternative for the ball, for those who do not have one? <3

  20. luciarockz says:

    DAMN if god will ever be so grateful to give me a body like yours i will be thankful until i-dont-know-when.
    maaaaan you make it to get MY ass off the couch :) what an inspiration!

  21. nicoled787 says:

    by far my favorite Tone It Up video for the bikini series so far! i love using the stability ball, it’s so fun! :)

  22. stace855 says:

    You know the part with the hamstring curls on the yoga ball? is it supposed to burn in your legs a LOT? i was at the gym and having a hard time balancing my legs on it, i cant tell if im doing it wrong or not! :(

  23. brittlaguna5 says:

    does anyone know the second song in this video?!!

  24. ohlalaitsamd says:

    @redrocketships It might make you gain some..but muscle will make you look more lean so you will look good! And even tho the muscle will make you weigh more you’ll look smaller and leaner

  25. atomickiwi says:

    This is an awesome workout! You girls ROCK. Very inspirational! I love doing all your workouts.