Ayhan?s Introduces ?NO COOK DIET? Recipes

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Ayhan’s Introduces “NO COOK DIET” Recipes© to Make the Mediterranean Diet Fast and Fun

Port Washington, NY (PRWEB) July 28, 2006

Ayhan’s Mediterranean Menu Plans® has taken the lead in innovative diet programs with the introduction of the new “NO COOK “Diet Recipes© available at AyhansMarketplace.com. “These free recipes are designed to introduce everyone to the healthy Mediterranean Diet,’ stated Ayhan, ’and we hope that people will see that they can lose weight with fast and delicious meals and without complications. The South Beach® diet is partially adapted from The Mediterranean Diet. Our recipes are authentic and are based on my 35 years of serving real Mediterranean recipes to many thousands of guests.”

Ayhan, the founder of the Ayhan’s Mediterranean Menu Plans®, came from Cyprus in 1972 and operates the leading Mediterranean restaurant group in New York. The Mediterranean Diet has been hailed as “the healthiest diet ever,” and studies have shown it to be more effective and long lasting than low fat diets or low carb diets. Ayhan’s Mediterranean restaurant recipes are portion controlled for weight loss and analyzed for nutritional content by Debra Grossano, a well-known New York dietitian.

Ayhan’s Menu Plans® and the South Beach Diet© have many similarities. Both have restaurant quality recipes, highlight healthy fats, are available online and provide access to a nutritionist. However, Ayhan’s Mediterranean Diet has several important advantages over the South Beach Diet©:

    Ayhan’s Mediterranean Menu Plans® has no phases that require the body to adapt to artificial restrictions. Ayhan’s diet is designed to provide balanced nutrition from Day 1 and does not deprive the body of essential nutrients just to reach short-term weight loss goals. Notably, The South Beach Diet phase 1 is basically a low carb program and does not allow certain fruits and vegetables, such as, carrots, banana, and watermelon. This unbalanced approach deprives dieters from valuable sources of nutrition and can disturb body equilibrium. Moreover, Ayhan’s diet is high in fiber, while the South Beach Diet © restricts fiber intake during the initial phase.

    Ayhan’s Mediterranean Menu Plans® includes enjoying wine while the South Beach Diet© restricts alcohol during its first phase.

    Ayhan’s provides the convenience of being able to order all-natural diet food online at ayhansmarketplace.com and having it delivered.

    Ayhan’s recipes are easy and many take only 5 minutes to prepare, while the South Beach Diet © recipes can be complex and time consuming.

    The proven health benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been studied over many years. They have shown marked effects in increasing longevity and limiting the risk of many debilitating diseases. The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, ALS, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and many other illnesses. Ayhan’s Mediterranean Menu Plans® provides a weight loss plan based on authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The South Beach Diet© is a recent adaptation that includes phases that are alien from the Mediterranean way of eating and have no clinical studies to support health claims.

Ayhan’s Mediterranean Menu Plans® also provides a healthy “Anti-Aging “lifestyle plan that helps control weight and maintain energy after the weight loss goal has been reached.

About Ayhan: Ayhan operates the leading Mediterranean restaurant group in New York and developed the award winning recipes presented at amdiets.com.

About Debra Grossano: Debra is a well-known nutritionist with a private practice in Manhattan.


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