@KingRockets I am 5 feet 8 inches…:) Be …

February 23, 2018 by admin  
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Comment posted Aaron Rodgers & Jordan Rodgers – Off Season Workout by EmpowerYourBody.

@KingRockets I am 5 feet 8 inches…:) Be well. Alycia

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45 Responses to “@KingRockets I am 5 feet 8 inches…:) Be …”
  1. @Mattb85ll That would be funny if he did, I have to admit that

  2. QuackPepper says:

    Oh, well hello there, Hot Brother.

  3. kyle28wright says:

    @megannnlew Luke, Aaron, and Jordan

  4. wadewilson22 says:

    All Aaron Rodgers needs is paradises Jeff Maehl in Green Bay

  5. wadewilson22 says:

    All Aaron Rodgers needs is Jeff Maehl on Greenbay

  6. ReasonRegen says:

    @7leprechaun7 Except I think Aaron mentioned he doesn’t cook. Maybe we could volunteer to fix him his lunch. LOL! I think each computer user gets noted once in the total watched. Otherwise, I’d be at least ten times registered.

  7. I even like Cam Newton better now that he’s said Aaron is the best NFL QB. Still wouldn’t let him around my laptop, though. Hahaha!

  8. @7leprechaun7 Sooo true! From watching and reading everything on the Pack and Aaron during the off-season, I think I know them all as well as my own family. Hahahaha! When the two of them are riding the stationary bikes, look how much faster Aaron is going than Jordan. What fun to have an older brother! “Be a better person”!

  9. 7leprechaun7 says:

    @ReasonRegen hahaha you hit it spot on, Id watch them do their laundry, wash a car, especially making lunch. Its just more fascinating because Packers are doing it.

  10. @TheHelixSpirit lol u wish dude

  11. 44TheJoker says:

    I never knew Aaron had such mad dance skills!

  12. ogredm says:

    Between !:00 and 1:30, I definitely see Aaron cheating on his wall sits twice.

  13. Throwing a football never goes away. I’m out of shape but I can throw a football faster than Brett or the Rodgers brothers, it’s in a technique that I use. I can bullet forty to fifty yards because I don’t break my wrist straight. When the wrist is turned around the ball it forms an alignment with the tendons and full upper arms and body is useable, not the BS where the QB throws like a fag and has to do workouts just to throw!!!!! Armchair Quaterbacks Unite!!!!

  14. The gym there is awesome. Those guys are revolutionizing fitness. Crazy new ideas all the time for new workouts. Great stuff.

  15. ReasonRegen says:

    Nice editing job, too. It’s at 13,303 views in June 23rd a.m. “Be a better person.”

  16. holmesc87 says:

    Thats my quarterback! -T.O. Voice- great to see Aaron and his brother committed to be better people by committing to a healthier lifestyle.

  17. What cuties! All that’s missing is big bro Luke.

  18. This looks like such a fun workout.

  19. ironbmike says:

    get rid of the music!

  20. Looks like there’s another video with more of just Jordan working out at the same place. And it was shot right here in Chico. Too Cool! I’d go receive for him.

  21. kaydee161991 says:

    @AaronRodgersIsHot lol yea he does.

  22. @kaydee161991 Yeah Luke looks like Aaron’s twin.

  23. kaydee161991 says:

    @megannnlew There is one more his name is luke.

  24. Wow, i mean i thought Aaron was damn sexy, but i dunno, Jordan is…DAMN! Gotta love the Rodgers boys :)

  25. @iamcarmina336 Wonderful! Be well. Alycia

  26. this is a great video Alycia.. everytime i watch your video you always give me ideas on what to do next in my gym session.. :)

  27. @ThomasWahl :) Thanks for watching…Be well. Alycia

  28. @lolalexandra Thanks :) And good job….keep up the good work :) Be well. Alycia

  29. lolalexandra says:

    Oh my gosh, you make the plank look so easy. I struggle to do 30 seconds but I’m getting better! I love watching your videos, keep it up!

  30. ThomasWahl says:

    hm… will torture my students Monday night class with that workout.. ;-)

  31. @GamesPlayer1 Not really, everyone is different…:) be well. Alycia

  32. @awsevenn Hi and great question. Generally these exercises can be good for most back pain, however, I have to suggest that you speak with your doctor and/or physical therapist. Definitely strengthening your lower back and core muscles is important, but I am unsure as to where your current degree of strength and flexibility is…that determines your start point for intensity. So, again having a professional with some sense of your history to determine your intensity is best for you. B well. A

  33. @KingRockets I am 5 feet 8 inches…:) Be well. Alycia

  34. @oxoxLipGlossxoxo Well, as a gymnast, can I assume you are actually quite fit, active, and toned? The key to a flatter belly is avoiding junk & processed foods, drinking plenty of water, being active daily and performing core exercises….you can find many helpful videos on my website. Keep me updated on your progress please :) Be well. Alycia

  35. @Missyplaymate3 Thank you, you as well :) Be well. Alycia

  36. @adventure002006 Thanks ;) Be well. Alycia

  37. @kaleem091983 hi. Thank you for the kinds words and I hope you continue to watch. I first suggest having your mom get cleared by a physician to exercise to be safe, then I suggest if there is a large amount of fat that is desired to decrease then start with my breathing exercises (you can find them on my website under “videos”) and walk, walk, walk! until you build up your endurance enough to then move on to harder activities. Avoiding processed foods is also key! Be well. Alycia

  38. kaleem091983 says:

    Hi, me and my mom are really your fan. My mom weighs much and she intends to lose it before its too late. Could you please suggest some abdomen exercises for a 50 plus women that won’t get my mom into trouble. I’ll be grateful to you.

  39. Great, on wayt to try out. Your the best.

  40. great video enjoy your week.

  41. Request: What excersizes are good for gymnasts to achieve a flatter belly?

  42. KingRockets says:

    how tall are you?

  43. awsevenn says:

    great video…..if i have a minimal disk buldge in l4 l5 (lower back)…..is it good to do these exercises……..i currently have no pain from the minimal disk bulge..but the mri shows the bulge….i do have lower back muscle pain and i was wondering if these exercises are good for me…thank you.

  44. GamesPlayer1 says:

    great video ! will be doing these exercises :)

    p.s. is there a “limit” to how much water someone should drink daily?