A Weight-Loss Program for Witches?

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A Weight-Loss Program for Witches?

(PRWEB) December 1, 2003

First it was Akins, then that South Beach diet and now the latest Internet diet craze looks as though it is going to be a diet that is reputed to be thousands of years old. For the last couple a months Wiccandiet.com has been offering a 4 week weight-loss program that is rapidly gaining popularity and loyal followers. The online program consists of recipes, downloadable journal software, private membership in a online club, as well as spells, affirmations and visualization techniques. It’s a long way from Weight Watchers.

Carol Spencer one of the founders of WiccanDiet.com says that the diet is balanced, with a focus on healthy foods and exercise and even without the “Witchy” stuff easy to lose weight on. She claims the modern western diet is radically different from the one human beings spend millions of years evolving on. Most of the modern maladies, including obesity came about with the change in our diet. The Wiccan Diet has a similar philosophy as some of the popular low-carb diets or the so called cavemen diets. But Carol claims what really makes the Wiccan Diet so unique and powerful are the spells and visualization techniques. A rapidly growing number of converts are starting to agree with her

In today’s worlds of rampant obesity and related diseases maybe its not so crazy. Maybe its time to forget the conflicting theories. Maybe its time to ignore the debating Doctors and Nutritionists, maybe its time to throw away the supplements that don’t work, and light a candle under the moon. Maybe the people at WiccanDiet.com have the right idea.

Or we could all wait for the UFO diet.

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