Awesome tips!! …

February 23, 2018 by admin  
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Comment posted A Checklist for Growing Longer Hair by LadyYasB.

Awesome tips!!

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25 Responses to “Awesome tips!! …”
  1. HonPlease says:

    My hair is in two cornrows right now. Would you recommend that I still massage my scalp or would that create tangles?

  2. Nice vid! For the nails…either you’re not getting enough protein or vitamin B. Moisturize your nails and cuitcle with vitamin E oil and use a nail strengthner…not hardner. I take a Biotin 5000mcg capsule daily and they have made my nails healthier and stronger.

  3. sealie15 says:

    …7 to 8 hours of sleep is for babies…

  4. MsSpunkyb says:

    nice tips …can you tell me what site that i can buy one of those oils from our are they in any certain stores ?

  5. whunLOVE says:

    omg! my name is kai too! and im in college so i also nvr sleep. when you started talking about sleep i looked over and started reading instantvintage.. the “i see you kai yes you” made me stop breathing for a second lol!

  6. @curlymo01 I’ve started taking my b vitamins a month or two ago, I think it’s helping!

  7. @LuvitHeart you’re very welcome and thank you for the kind words! We gotta be healthy in general to really see a difference in our appearance, I think more people are noticing that though and that’s really cool :)

  8. @GerrydeanE I would, I liked to rub a little almond oil or coconut oil my twists back in the day, but mainly because the elements dried them out and I didn’t want my hair breaking off. I really like a mix of leave in conditioner and coconut’s the best for me!

  9. @ChimaE aww thank you! I’m so flattered! *blush!*

  10. @leigh4health I will! I’m noticing that my nails are looking better but I gotta sit down and see what may have helped with that!

  11. @interesting345 aw thank you!

  12. I agree! You have to notice the behavior that’s affecting your hair in a bad way and simply change it. :

  13. @Hrtbrkr23 I most certainly will! :)

  14. Thanks for great info :0)

  15. Yay for vegans! You look fab!

  16. afroditee31 says:

    Your skin is glowing! You’ve convinced me to go vegan!

  17. LuvitHeart says:

    Greetings Curlychronicles, Thanks you my Dear for all the excellent advice. Most people want products or devices to get good hair growth. When where one should start is from the inside out. Everything you mention is extremely inportant to our over health, not just hair. I luv what you’re doing. Thanks for all your time, effort, and energy you put into making these video’s.. It’s ladies like you on YT who have made my hair journey much easier. May the good LORD’s face continue to shine upon you

  18. You are so beautiful :-) (inside and out). I love your energy. It’s good and it’s contagious :-)

  19. leigh4health says:

    when you find out what is going on with your nails please post a vid. my nails are thin and brittle as well. I wonder if I am getting enough protein.

  20. ChimaE says:

    You are soo beautiful!

  21. GerrydeanE says:

    Thanks for the video! Question: should I try to moisturize my hair daily while wearing twists as a protective style? I only keep them in two weeks.

  22. GerrydeanE says:

    Thanks for the video! Question: should I try to moisturize daily even when I’m wearing twists as a protective style or just leave it alone? I am going to try to keep this up until the end of the summer redoing the twists every other week.

  23. kandipearl says:

    Great advice! Thank you (c:

  24. LadyYasB says:

    Awesome tips!!