So are they gonna fuck or what? I’m …

February 23, 2018 by admin  
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Comment posted 3 Abs Diet & Workout Tips by eowdaoc.

So are they gonna fuck or what? I’m having a hard time jacking off when they’re just sitting there flirting with each other.

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25 Responses to “So are they gonna fuck or what? I’m …”
  1. darkrage999 says:

    I’m going to try the “Sixpack Shortcuts” method. I bought it recently and start at the beginning of september. I’m gathering as many viewers as possible to reach everybody and allow you all to choose on your own to try this or not. These are my intentions: watch?v=jNgllZBLKxw . If you want subscribe to get updates!

  2. AAHH94 says:

    i have to disagree.. what if your fat and trying to drop weight less weight lot of reps is supposed to burn more fat like all the way around and what if you want to focus a muscle group to kill it completely, you dont wana go heavy or compound so that you FOCUS the one muscle to get the gains out of it you want.. idk i only do bodybuilding tournaments :

  3. @jacob15ster 6-15 reps

  4. @spytack No, the glee guy copied him 0_o

  5. darkrage999 says:

    I’m going to test this method. I’d like to gather as many viewers as possible and show them if it’s effective or not. This is my video (it’s only the gathering, my training will start in a month), take a look: watch?v=jNgllZBLKxw

  6. jacob15ster says:

    How many sets of reps should i be doing?

  7. johansen177 says:

    Here is another good topic, please see it now: how-to-gain-muscle . biz

  8. NZfilmprof says:

    Don’t talk: do and show.

  9. heavy compound exercises are the shit, this guy is abselutely right. Squats, Dips, Pull Ups etc. Cut the Isos, get into the compounds.

    First I thought: Not a another Six Pack in 2 days channel. But this is quality right here! Good!

  10. ChavvyJay says:

    trick to get abs…dont work on. your abs!!! just work on everything else and it will come naturally

  11. anatomical and excersize vocabulary articulation would make them sound alot better. Or Mike, if he is the trainer. He doesnt know how to properly explain with articulation and science why these myths are in fact myths. They leave a lot of uncertainty.

  12. And one last thing, they laugh at everone who does things different than they do. Intolerance is ungodly or christian, buddhist too. These are the guys that make guys without a lot of knowledge or experience uncomfortable and embarassed and stop going to the gym, ultimately NOT getting into shape or more healthy.

  13. Hes swedish and he got fake tatos ;S

  14. spytack says:

    Mike Chang, is the guys name of glee. one of you copied 0_o

  15. eowdaoc says:

    So are they gonna fuck or what? I’m having a hard time jacking off when they’re just sitting there flirting with each other.

  16. nice.

    check out pumpedandshredded. blogspot. com
    its got fantastic information on fitness, body building, the role of genetics in body building, and much more. I love the site cause its not just about building muscle but also about staying in shape.

    even has a workout builder that takes into consideration your weaknesses, strengths, injuries, and gives a custom guideline workout.

    hope you all check it out and enjoy.

  17. SHAHme209 says:

    what do eat for breack fast and dinner

  18. oR3E says:

    hey is that jackie chan

  19. oR3E says:

    never seen a buff asian

  20. kelso102 says:

    Is White rice ok?

  21. anviltroy says:

    I wish I had the last few minutes of my life back

  22. ZerkylHD says:

    @Nw0ng33 Holy crap. Im also 15 trying to lose weight. and I also dont have the money for the workout.

  23. BULLSHIT…. Fuck abs.. I’m not going to eat cardboard boxes for the rest of my life..

  24. zwady says:

    Hey Mike. What do you have for breakfast??